The Letters It was started “The Letters” by Yuichi Mukaida who’s designer since spring and summer season in 2012 through mixing cultivated knowledge and sense of self-confidence by learning clothes for 10 years at specially store. In making clothes, there is no particular theme for each season. And the theme will be how designer himself feels at that time. It is created as "The Letters" by dropping what designer is inspired by the country that he visited, movies, music, etc into clothes. It has a strong commitment to the creation of materials to create delicate nuances like the more you wear, the deeper the clothes get older. And it develops authentic wear with emphasis on the essence of clothes such as tailoring. The Letters STORE WEEKDAY 12:00-20:00 WEEKEND-PUBLIC HOLIDAYS 12:00-19:00 CLOSED IRREGULAR HOLIDAYS 1F 3-17-10 AOBADAI MEGURO-KU TOKYO 153-0042 , JAPAN +81 3 6427 0280 [email protected] ONLINE STOREにて掲載していません商品に関しましましては、お気軽にお問い合わせもお待ちしております。